Revealed: The best ever automotive innovations

Apr 27, 2023

Volkswagen Golf airbags

The most important automotive innovations, according to motorists, are multiple airbags, GPS satellite navigation and reversing cameras.

A study of 2,000 adults with a driving licence, commissioned by the nearly new car retailer Motorpoint to celebrate its 25th anniversary, found that three in 10 could not live without the gadgetry in their car, with other popular inventions including power steering and parking sensors.

“Cars have evolved a lot since we opened our first store 25 years ago,” said Mark Carpenter, CEO of Motorpoint.

“Back in 1998, some of the tech we take for granted wasn’t even in development. Even then, it would have been inconceivable that cars could help us park, and smartphones were several years away.”

Top 20 important driving innovations

  1. Multiple airbags
  2. GPS satellite navigation
  3. Reversing cameras
  4. Power steering
  5. Parking sensors
  6. Self-parking systems
  7. Hybrid vehicles
  8. Mass-market electric vehicles
  9. Adaptive cruise control
  10. In-car Bluetooth
  11. Remote central locking
  12. Keyless entry
  13. Tyre pressure monitoring
  14. Electric windows
  15. Wing mirrors that tell you when someone’s in your blind spot
  16. Auto-defrosting windshields
  17. Autonomous cars
  18. Headlights that turn on automatically in the dark
  19. Smartphone integration e.g. Apple CarPlay, Android Auto
  20. Heated seats


Kia XCeed

With technological features being so important to many, the 2020s were named the decade Brits think cars look the coolest, beating the 1960s and 1970s which came second and third.

Almost three in 10 (28 per cent) drivers would love to own a classic car but would struggle without modern day gadgets such as electric windows, wing mirrors which show the blind spot and tyre pressure monitoring.

Top 5 car tech drivers can’t manage without

  1. In-car Bluetooth
  2. LED headlights
  3. Keyless entry
  4. Smartphone integration
  5. Adaptive cruise control

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