Max Verstappen gets charged up for the new season

Feb 29, 2024

Max Verstappen with the Honda e:Ny1

Three-time Formula 1 World Champion Max Verstappen has surprised young go-kart racers near Oracle Red Bull Racing’s Milton Keynes HQ.

The 26-year-old got behind the wheel of the all-electric Honda e:Ny1 ahead of 2024 FIA Formula 1 season, which marks 20 years of Red Bull Racing, and 60 years since Honda’s first participation in F1.

Silently whisking him from the Red Bull Technologies Campus to a local indoor go-kart circuit, Verstappen watched the young racers on track, before taking the time to offer his advice and share memories from the early days of his own motorsport career.

“To be here at the kart track to see the younger kids race, and trying to get into the racing world, is really great to see,” said Verstappen. “It was great to see their smiles and it’s always great to interact with race fans.”

Max Verstappen with young racers

“It was so surprising, and just such a good experience,” added Emeli Jordan. “I kind of thought it would be someone from Red Bull, not necessarily a driver, like an engineer or someone, but not Max Verstappen. I was completely speechless; I had no idea what to say!”

Sid Smith added: “It was such a surprise to come round the corner and see Max Verstappen. It’s always been a dream to meet him. It was absolutely awesome. And I got a signed hat as well, so it was definitely a day to remember.”


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