Cost of living crisis compromises road safety

May 19, 2023

Car maintenance

A third of drivers have admitted to skipping an essential service on their car due to the cost of living crisis, claims new research.

What’s more, one in four have got behind the wheel knowing their vehicle needed essential maintenance.

The squeeze is hitting younger drivers hardest, with almost half (43%) of 18-34 year olds likely to bypass vehicle maintenance in order to save money, according to data from Volkswagen Financial Services UK.

Money is so tight that a quarter of motorists have considered giving up driving as a result of vehicle upkeep costs.

A huge 80% of drivers in Great Britain believe the cost of living crisis may deter other motorists from maintaining the upkeep of their vehicle, and one in three are concerned about the safety of other vehicles on the roads.

Less than half (40%) of drivers would feel fully prepared if they needed to pay for work needed to keep their vehicle safe.

Older drivers feel more prepared than their younger counterparts – the over 75s are the most confident with 63% stating they’d be able to pay, vs only 30% in those aged 25-34 years.

The tightening of budgets brings increased appetite for options which enable costs to be spread out rather than paid in one lump sum.

Almost two thirds (58%) of drivers would be interested in spreading the cost of vehicle maintenance in more manageable instalments, a figure which is significantly higher in the
under 35s (79%).

“The cost of living crisis has left many drivers contemplating the difficult decision to skip essential vehicle maintenance and compromise safety, particularly the younger drivers on the road,” said Mike Todd, CEO at Volkswagen Financial Services UK.

“One in four experienced a cost which could have been avoided with regular servicing. As an industry we should be supporting drivers in their entire vehicle ownership and usership journey.

“That means offering service options which cater to various needs and budgets so all drivers on the roads are in safe vehicles.”

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