We Won’t Get 2021 BMW M8 Coupes and Convertibles

Jul 20, 2020

BMW is not moving as many M8 Coupes and Convertibles as it thought it would. Between the reluctance to spend $130K on a two-door and the global pandemic, BMW Blog is reporting that the U.S. won’t get any allocations of those two vehicles for 2021. The four-door M8 Gran Coupe can still be ordered and optioned.

According to the site, U.S. dealers are still sitting on a lot of the two-door M8s. Even without the coronavirus, car sales in general are down as SUV/crossover sales go up. Sporty cars have been hit hard in 2020 and are down 20% percent from last year. Dealers literally can’t afford to have cars sit on their lots for long periods of time, for both fiscal and image reasons. And most people literally can’t afford to buy six-figure cars anyway. The ones who can seem to be holding onto their cash for the moment.

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