Ram Plays Catch-up with New Revolution Electric Truck Debut

Jan 6, 2023
Ram Revolution electric truck concept.

Ram finally debuted its Revolution electric truck concept at CES 2023 with stylish good looks and plenty of gimmicks, but the announcement was light on specs. In early 2022, we got our first glance at the upcoming RAM 1500 EV, which should arrive in 2024, but Stellantis is clearly playing catch-up.

The truck company took the CES stage and rolled out a lavish electric truck. The new Ram Rev (I guess that’s what they’re calling it) looks like a futuristic vehicle, especially when compared to the Cybertruck.

Ram showcased stunning french doors that open outwards from the middle, a huge dual-screen center console with a detachable screen that doubles as a tablet, Ram’s popular multifunction tailgate, and much more. The Ram Revolution Concept even has removable third-row seating, but that’s more of a gimmick for the concept. That’s because those seats are nearly in the truck bed of the extended cab, and they’re detachable and can double as camping chairs. Again, it looks cool, but this is only a concept.

As you can see in the CES unveiling video above, the new Ram Revolution concept has a lot to showcase for fans. We see a wild truck bed full of tie-down points, a full-glass panoramic roof, and even a pass-thru cubby in the frunk (front trunk) for cabin access to the cargo bay. Additionally, Ram said the Revolution concept could carry cargo up to 18 feet long between the bed, cabin, and frunk cubby.

There’s even a new “Shadow Mode” where owners can use the Ram Rev’s voice-activated AI assistant to follow them on a job site. The truck can use its array of cameras and sensors to quickly move a few feet down a driveway or to the next section of a job site safely without the driver getting back in.

The Ram Revolution looks like a truck version of the electric Dodge Charger SRT we saw late last year, for better or worse. By that, I mean it’s mostly a concept full of fun gimmicks, neat ideas, and sleek lines, but we still have no idea what to expect from a production model.

According to The Verge, Ralph Gilles, chief design officer for several of Stellantis’ brands, said this concept is an “open letter to our fanbase,” and it hopes to gain valuable feedback as the company continues working on the production RAM EV truck.

With the Ford F-150 Lightning EV already on the market, the Rivian R1T sold out everywhere, and both the Silverado EV and Cybertruck starting production this year, RAM is a bit behind the competition.

During the announcement, the company said the Ram Revolution Concept “sets a bold new standard for the future of electric trucks.” Then, reiterated that being late to the game isn’t bad and that when the Ram truck finally hits the road, it’ll be “best-in-class” and outperform the competition in performance, range, towing, and things truck users care about.

Stellantis is still promising 500 miles of range, 100-mile charging in 10 minutes, AWD with four-wheel steering, and much more. In closing, the company plans to showcase a near production-ready consumer version of its electric truck later this year before the eventual 2024 release.

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