Dropped from a tow truck, this Alfa returned from the dead

Dec 1, 2017

Alfa Romeo certainly has rallying in its history, but the classic GTV 2000 coupe won’t come to most people’s minds when someone says “rally Alfa.” But that is precisely what this particular U.S.-spec 1974 GTV 2000 became, quite by accident.

Owned by twins Iliya and Nikita Bridan, along with Nikita’s wife, Kira, this GTV 2000 had been the trio’s trusted companion in Southern California. The three had just started to tinker with the Alfa, giving it a few upgrades, a complete engine rebuild and race springs and shocks. Pretty soon, the Alfa was headed in a more competitive direction, starting to transform from a casual driver into a sporty weekend blaster. Then everything changed.

During a flatbed trip to a mechanic’s shop, the Alfa rolled off the trailer backward, suffering heavy damage to the rear third of the body and chassis. The impact displaced the trunk and bent the quarter panels. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the engine evidently caught a ledge as the car rolled off the flatbed, ripping pieces of the oil pan out of the bay and shattering them. The car was effectively totaled, in the regular sense, and its owners didn’t even know if it was salvageable.

The Alfa is back, but is still in a testing phase and its owners tweak its suspension and other elements

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