Cybertruck Spotted with Updated Side Mirrors That Match Its Wild Design

Feb 4, 2023
Cybertruck spotted with new mirrors

The Tesla Cybertruck is slowly becoming a reality. In October, after several years of teasers and design changes, the company said the design was set in stone and started tooling for production lines. However, new leaks suggest changes are still ongoing.

New images emerged this week on Instagram and Twitter showing the Tesla Cybertruck with some unique new side-view mirrors. As you can see, the latest mirrors have a triangular design and sharp edges, just like the Cybertruck itself.

The original pre-production model from the initial announcement didn’t have any mirrors. Then, eventually, several prototypes were spotted with the same type of mirrors you’ll find on most vehicles. However, those large, rounded, plastic mirrors looked out of place on the angled steel of the Cybertruck.

It didn’t make sense to have all sorts of sharp angles on the truck but then round ABS plastic mirrors. Whether you like the look or not, it looks like Tesla could at least match those sharp lines and wild designs of the truck with other components, like the side mirrors.

We’re not sure how functional that type of mirror is, but at least it looks good. However, we can’t say if that’ll be what arrives on production units, as Tesla is constantly changing things. However, Elon Musk recently posted on Twitter that he’s viewed production beta versions of the vehicle and said, “it is incredible.” For now, we’ll have to wait and see.

via DriveTeslaCanada

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