2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata

May 9, 2017


WHAT WE LIKE: They say you shouldn’t mix drugs, but we’ve found great success with the practice. Our most recent concoction is one of our best. Take one 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata and a liberal helping of spring sunshine, and the result is way better than whatever prescription you’re on (Joybutrin, Awesomox, etc.). And that is what we like best about the Miata, which is near to finishing its 40,000-mile test. Everyone and everything in the upper Midwest suffers from the multimonth dirge that is winter. That includes the Miata, which developed a sad shiver at idle during particularly cold months. The cold also gave rise to a chorus of squeaks from the car’s top. But let’s not dwell on such things. The shiver has subsided. The squeaks have largely disappeared. The sun is out. The plants are giddily spewing their powdery gametes all over everything. It’s a time of love and happiness. It is Miata time.


WHAT WENT WRONG: We got a few erroneous tire-pressure warnings while the Miata wore its Bridgestone Blizzak winter tires. Each time, we’d stop, check the pressures (which were always fine), then reset the tire-pressure monitoring system, and all would be well. For a while, anyway. It was inconvenient, particularly when outside temperatures hovered around frostbite territory, but at least it was easy to reset.

We took the little guy into the dealer for an oil change and inspections when its service light came on. Oddly, that happened only about 5000 miles after our previous service, which included an oil change. The mileage intervals between earlier oil changes were 10,000 and 8500 miles. In winter, the car did fewer long-distance drives and more short hops, so perhaps that explains the shorter interval. Regardless, the most recent service was entirely routine and cost all of $88.


WHERE WE WENT: We’ve kept our little runabout on a fairly short leash since our last update. It took us to family get-togethers in Indiana, Ohio, western Michigan, and way up north to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, where the Miata was mistaken for an unusually pale pasty and almost eaten.

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