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Porsche Classic Unveils GPS Unit For Classic Porsches


Happen to own a classic Porsche? Want a more elegant solution for GPS than a smartphone on your dash? Porsche Classic has the solution.

The GPS/radio unit is designed to fit into the DIN-1 slot of many a classic Porsche, from the first 911s to roll out of Stuttgart in 1963, to the last of the air-cooled 993s from the mid-1990s. Operation is handled between two knobs, six buttons and the 3.5-inch touchscreen nestled in the center.

Drivers can opt for either 2D or 3D mapping for navigation, while the 8GB microSD card that holds the maps is updated regularly. Smartphone can be connected via Bluetooth, and the unit’s integrated amplifier delivers 4×45 watts through either the loudspeakers or the vehicle’s original sound system, perfect for enjoying music and news with little interference in radio reception.

The Porsche Communication Management-based unit is on sale now from Porsche Classic Partners and Centers in Germany for €1,184 ($1,343 USD) plus VAT. The USDM version is undergoing final testing, with pricing and availability due upon completion.