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Lincoln Navigator Concept steals the spotlight with its gull-wing doors!


Lincoln Navigator concept is a monumental SUV that made its debut at the 2016 New York Auto Show. As magnificent as it is, nobody wonders how the Lincoln Navigator concept managed to get all the attention to itself. You just don’t see such a breath-taking design every day.

When an automaker shows up at an auto show with a product that spreads its gull-wing doors and has teak-wood entrance steps, they immediately hit a soft spot. Needless to say, thee features caught everyone by surprise.

However, these features only depict the designers’ creativity and make enthusiasts take a closer look on the vehicle’s cabin. That’s right; the Lincoln Navigator concept will go into production without the concertina steps and the cool gull-wing doors. Though, everything else that you see on the Lincoln Navigator concept now will get to hit the streets. In addition, it gives a solid indication of how the next generation SUV of Lincoln will look like.

The Lincoln Navigator concept has a twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 instead of a V8 motor. In addition, it features drive-train systems that can handle off-road trails and varying road conditions.

The exterior of the Lincoln Navigator concept has some new features added to it. It has a clamshell bonnet that is mimicking the Range Rover’s and a Bentley Bentayga – like grille. Notably, Lincoln doesn’t want to play much with the iconic Lincoln Navigator concept exterior. That’s what the interior is for.

The interior of the Lincoln Navigator puts emphasis on the entertainment. Inside, we can see a huge touch-screen for the driver and a tablet-like screen for every passenger. Moreover, the soft shade of blue paintwork on the exterior continues on the inside as well with the blue-colored leather.